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Microsoft Office for Mac Promo Code

There are a lot of reasons that people prefer Macs over PCs. They have no registry, which means they don’t get bogged down with registry keys (a huge and outdated flaw in Windows), they are more difficult to infect with a virus, and most would agree that they tend to have a more modern, appealing design. So what’s the catch?

The catch is that it can be somewhat difficult to find software that is compatible. Very, very few companies make software for both Mac and PC, although you can virtually always find a program that is either similar or identical designed by a different company. The one exception to this is Microsoft Office.

Microsoft office is ubiquitous, it is absolutely everywhere. Its file formats are the standard for basically everyone. The problem is that it doesn’t run on Mac.

Fortunately, the people at Microsoft finally realized what a huge market they were missing out on and created Microsoft Office for Mac. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth the money (though with a promo code it isn’t expensive):

Word – there are nearly infinite word processors out there. Some of are even free! So why pay money for this one? Well, if you are used to working with Word, there’s the comfort aspect. You won’t need to relearn a new interface or controls. However, there are much more important reasons, the biggest one being collaboration. For example, you can see who all is working on a document, and each person can save the most up to date version simultaneously. This is a huge benefit if someone accidentally deletes their copy. Instead of starting over, another collaborator just hands out a copy of the newest version.

Excel – The second pillar of Microsoft Office for Mac, Excel is the gold standard for spreadsheets. More than spreadsheets, the cells can all do math and macro operations, meaning you can create programmed databases with just a simple spreadsheet. While this takes a little bit more training, it is certainly worth learning to use at a high level. Additionally, it also has the same collaborative features as Word (in fact all programs in this package do).

PowerPoint – The go-to for making presentation, PowerPoint is firmly established as the leader for slideshows. In fact, unlike Word or Excel, there really isn’t a free program even remotely close to PowerPoint. What’s a huge bonus is that you can link documents or spreadsheets into slides without breaking the presentation, which saves a clunky program change in the middle of your presentation. You can also have PowerPoint read a document and create a slide for each sentence or paragraph, which can be a great time saver.

Outlook – We have a work email, personal email, and email for our websites or blogs… Outlook can manage all of that in one place. It can also email you reminders based on your calendar (or other’s calendars) to help keep on track.

OneNote – this is probably one of the most useful programs that come in the package. Basically, it is all of your notes for everything, and you can access it anywhere. So if you find a website or article that looks interesting, just add it to your one note and you can read it later.

Obviously, this is all great, but how much does it cost?

There are different prices for different packages, but none are particularly expensive.

You can get Office 365 for $6.99 a month (or $69.99 per year, slightly less) which licenses for one PC or Mac and one mobile device. At $84 per year (if paid monthly), it certainly isn’t the most expensive software out there; but a coupon code can bring it down even more.

Alternatively, there is Office 365 for families that is licensed for up to 5 PC/Macs and 5 mobile devices that is only $9.99 a month (or $99.99 per year). Clearly, even if there are only 2 people that are going to be using these programs, it makes far more financial sense to just get the families license than to get multiple single licenses. In fact, even if you just have multiple computers it is still cheaper to just get a family package.

The last of the monthly products is Office 365 University. Far and away the least expensive option, it is only $99.99 for 4 years. You do need proof that you are a student, but at $25 per year it’s difficult to top. This is the only version of Microsoft office for Mac that doesn’t have a coupon code, but if you’re a student it is still the best value.

All of the other product packages are one time cost, which I personally prefer over monthly.

These aren’t the Office 365; these are the actual Office for Mac products, just to be clear. Office for Mac Home and Student is $139.99, but does not include Outlook. It also does not work for mobile devices; so if you’re an on-the-go person, it might be better to go with one of the Office 365 products. Of course, there are Office for Mac promo codes for Home and Student that will bring that cost down.

Lastly, the Office for Mac Home and Business includes Outlook and costs $219.99. This is the most expensive option but with a coupon it can dip below $200. So which is best for your needs?

Obviously, that completely depends on your situation. The only clear cut answer is that if you are a student then Office 365 University is without question the only choice; it offers everything at a measly $25 a year. Similarly, if you have multiple computers then the Family package of Office 365 makes the most sense financially (for 5 devices you save over $700 versus multiple copies of Home and Business). So take some time; go through what you’re going to need it for. Once you’ve made up your mind which Microsoft Office for Mac is right for you, grab a promo code (no sense in spending more than you need to), and start installing.